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Lola our red chow is over five  years old. Shes now retired and has produced some lovely puppies. She likes to be in doors as she thinks she’s going to miss out on something whether this be food, treats or attention. She likes to lye in front of or behind doors  so she can get the cold draft to keep her cool.

shes a very pretty chow and always gets noticed out on walks with her lioness appearance.


Bear our black chow is 7 in December and is also retired. She likes to spend most of her time out side, she has her very own summer house in the garden what she likes to relax in. if she had her way she would be out there day and night, if its warm enough in the summer we let her do this rather then her get to hot in doors.

Bear is a quiet Chow and keeps her self to her self but does enjoy once in a while to have a little play fight with Alfie our Stud dog.



Bailee is our first cream chow within the family, She has a loving caring nature and is very placid. she does like her own space and likes to sleep in the sun. 

Bailee gets very excited when its treat or walk time from the slow moving dog she normally is who drags her paws most of the time certainly moves fast when these occur.


Brioche is another red Chow who has recently had her fourth birthday.

Shes a very lazy Chow Chow who likes to spend most of her time sleeping unless its walk time, she loves showing affection by tapping my leg with hers.

She loves her food and always knows when its treat time, waiting in the kitchen for the treat jar to be opened.



Shadow is our Black chow who we imported.

Shes such a lovable dog and loves her cuddles, loves being groomed and just loves attention like most chows do.

she loves playing chase with the others round the garden or on walks. Shes 3 in January.

Storm has also got a good championship blood line running through 5 generations.



Coco our Blue coat chow is not our  youngest family member anymore. She's 3 years old and is turning into a little Beauty more and more everyday. she's calmed down lots since turning into adulthood and learning her place within the pack.

Within the family Coco is the loudest snorer by far !

Coco also been imported.



Willow is our newest family member, she is such a beautiful cream pup.

Her cheekiness out ways her naughtiness but we love her all the same and cant wait to see what a lovable dog she turns into. 

she's a lover of food already and loves her toys.

Willow is also an Import.

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