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Alfie is our Cream  stud boy who is 5 this year. Hes not as hyper nor craves attention like Enzo but this is down to maturity.

Alfie is the most relaxed boy I have had and gets on well with everyone in the household, All the girls love Alfie and their bond is like no other. 

Alfie is pretty lazy when it comes to relaxing in or out of the house but does enjoy his walks, he loves his food to which he will bounce off the back door until is food is served to him- little so and so when it comes to tea time!

Alfie is proven and has been now for several years,

Alfie has produced fantastic puppies out of the litters we have had, and even for outside studding -you can see this for yourselves on our social media sites.

alfie 2.jpg
alfie in the river.jpg
alfie .jpg
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